My Friend Let Me Film Him For My Cunt Licking Facesitting Video

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Added: 1 year ago

My original film guy was a no show good thing I got a booking deposit but I still wanted the new content so I asked my a long time friend that I friend zoned to let me use him for my video in the exchange or the chance that I might date him or at lest let him hit it - Trust me I won't ever be having intercourse sex with him nor will I ever date him but he doesn't need to know that and I know he will let me do whatever I want for the chance so he will be my backup guy whenever I have a no show from now on and if he ever fails me we won't be friends no more

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1 Comment

  1. Nick

    01.08.2023 at 14:36

    You two are disgusting. U peed im his mouth